Stump Grinding

The Tree Doctor can assist you in removing stumps from your property so that you can replant or landscape the area hassle-free. 

Do you have a stump on your property that needs removal?

Our stump grinding service offers a safe and efficient stump removal that will have your stump removed safely in no time.

The Tree Doctor owns multiple stump grinders of different shapes and sizes so that we can access and grind stumps in almost any location.

Often stumps are left by gardeners or handymen as they don’t have the know-how or right equipment to remove the stump safely and effectively. We can provide you with an obligation free quote for your stump removal.

Our machines can reach depths down to 500mm below ground level, as most structural roots only occur in the top 300mm layer, our machinery can safely and effectively remove the stump and roots leaving nothing but a small pile of mulch at the end.

Included in our fleet of stump grinders are:

  • Vermeer SC60 track machine with 60 HP
  • Little compact skid-steer loader
  • 30HP stump humper


Our Approach


  • The machine is unloaded from a trailer or truck either within the property or on the street.
  • The stump grinder is either driven or taken to the location of the stump.
  • Debris screens are erected to ensure no damage occurs to windows or the property.
  • Stump grinder is turned on and used progressively to cut away at sections of the stump.
  • If needed the woodchip/stump grindings are moved out of the way periodically to ensure all the stump will be removed.
  • Any large surface roots will be removed with the grinder.
  • The machine is turned off and moved to the side.
  • The excess debris is raked into a central pile in the spot where the stump was originally situated.
  • As the debris settles and begins to break down the mound will sink leaving you with a suitable growing medium for replanting.
  • Grass and nearby areas are cleaned with rakes and leaf blowers.
  • Machined is moved and loaded back onto the truck or trailer.

We are fully insured and have regularly maintained stump grinding equipment to guarantee your safety.

We guarantee you won’t be waiting long to get stump grinding help that’s available on weekends and after-hours for your convenience. So call us today at (02) 9628 8000 or fill out the FREE QUOTE enquiry form below.

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