Palm Tree Trimming

Palm trees probably require the most maintenance of any tree in the landscape. Each year they produce new fronds, flowers stalks and/or seed pods. meaning that the old fronds, flowers and seed pods need to be removed.


Our expert tree climbers are trained to prune your palm trees without damaging the trunks. A lot of companies will send their tree climbers out with spikes to climb your palm trees which damages your tree by puncturing the trunk with spikes which cannot be fixed.


Our tree climbers have methods of accessing the top of palm tree without spikes using ropes and climbing techniques.


  • Irreversible damage caused by a climber using spikes to access the top of a palm tree (Image Coming Soon...)
  • Our climbers accessing the top of a palm tree without spikes (Image Coming Soon...)

Pruning a large Phoenix canarensis from start to finish.

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