Emergency Tree Removal Service

Available 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week!

Call The Tree Doctor, your local emergency tree removal company, to remove hazardous trees to protect your home and the surrounding area. Our crew can be on site within as little as 1 hour to help you with any fallen or storm damaged trees!

The Tree Doctor is a well-respected emergency tree removal service that can safely and quickly take down hazardous trees before they cause any damage. We have emergency tree removal trucks and emergency equipment on-call 24 hours a day. In emergency situations, our emergency tree removal crew will work as quickly and safely as possible to remove the hazardous trees from your property so that it can be restored safely.

Has a storm harmed your tree? Do you require immediate assistance?

The Tree Doctor Tree Removal Services offer storm damage cleanup and emergency assistance to keep you and your family safe. With the best equipment and more than 30 years of experience, we would love to assist you with everything from proactive measures such as tree risk assessment reports, reduction pruning, crown thinning, dead-wooding and tree removal to reactive measures such as fallen debris removal, removal of hazardous trees (moving in the ground, trees with broken/hanging branches in the canopy, etc.), give us a call today. We will work with you to keep your trees safe and secure.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

It is pretty terrifying hearing the unmistakable *SNAP* of a large tree branch or feeling the earth tremble as an entire tree falls. If this nightmare scenario has occurred to you, you know that the last thing you want to do is begin attempting to clean up the mess.

That’s where we can help. With a simple phone call, our friendly crews can handle the mess for you. We can alleviate the stress associated with post-storm cleanup. We arrive on-site with all of the necessary equipment to clear and clean your property, leaving it looking better than ever. We process all the resultant debris through our wood chipper, which we can transport off-site for you.

The cleanup should not be the end of post-storm emergency relief. Our arborists can assess your trees and assist you in identifying any other damage caused by the storm. This vigilant assessment is precious in preventing and mitigating any additional risks that may have posed a threat to your safety.

What to do if you have a tree or branch fall in normal or storm conditions?

  1. Call your insurance company and advise them of the damage
  2. Call us with your claim number
  3. Let The Tree Doctor take care of the rest

If power lines are involved, you will need to contact the electricity network emergency numbers below. If unsure, enter your postcode here to know who your electricity provider is.

Ausgrid 13 13 88 
Endeavour Energy 131 003 
Essential Energy 13 2080




Contact us for all of your concerns on emergency tree removal services. You can reach us by calling  (02) 9628 8000

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